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Some people have hobbies... this is mine...
I have built painted and photographed all the Monster Model Kits below... Hope you enjoy the collection
Don Capone's Monster Gallery

God Of The Robots - Frank Kelly Freas  Legend Darkness Model Kit   Nosferatu Model Kit Count Orlok Vampire Model Kit  Boris Karloff Frankenstein Model Kit Billiken Frankenstein   Lugosi Dracula Model Kit Billiken Vinyl  Curse Of The Werewolf Model Kit  Creature From The Black Lagoon Model Kit Gillman  The Wolfman Model Kit   Bride Of Frankenstein Model Kit  Neil Andrythal Newmanoid Models  Aurora Godzilla Go Cart  The Fly Model Kit  King Kong Figure Statue  Garage Kit Resin Figure Model  Aurora Frankenstein - Big Frankie  Dark Horse Frankenstein Statue  The Mummy Model Kit  Frankenstein Garage Kit Figure Model  American Werewolf in London Model Kit Bust  RawHead Rex Model Kit - Clive Barker - Raw Head Rex  King Kong Model Kit Bust  Invisible Man Model Kit  War of the Colossal Beast Model Kit Billiken USA  Werewolf Of London Model Kit Werewolf   Toho Godzilla Model Kits Kaiju Model kits  GODZILLA GMK 2002 Figure Kit  GODZILLA STATUE 1998 - Godzilla Monster Gallery  Godzilla model kit GMK figure   Kaiyodo Gamera 1995 Model Kit  Kaiyodo 1995 Gamera Model Kit  Figure Yuji Sakai Gamera 1996   1999 Gamera Model Kit Kaiyodo   Max Factory Gamera Statue   Curse Of The Demon Monster Model Kit Bust  Big Ben Zombie Soldier Model Kit - House movie  Frankenstein Conquers The World Model Kit  Bruce Lee Model Kit  Lost Boys Model Kit Vampire Figure Statue  Conan The Barbarian Model Kit  Boltstein Model kit Fewture Models Resin   Satan's Crate Model Kit Lindberg Model Kit - Lindy Loonies  Harryhausen Talos Model Kit Jason and the Argonauts Figure  The Keep Molasar Model Kit Monster  Predator Model Kit Predator 2 Halcyon Model  Alien Queen Model Kit Halcyon Queen Alien Figure  Johnny Depp Figure Edward Scissorhands Model Kit   Mary Shelley Frankenstein Monster Figure Model Kit  Artomic Creations Powrahna Rare Garage Resin Model Kit  Tyrannosaurus Rex Model Kit Dinosaur Model Kit T Rex Model Kit   Gothic Vampyr Model Kit Bust Vampire Model Kit  Uncle Creepy Model Kit Statue  Uncle Creepy Model Kit Bust Garage Kit  Schlitzie Model kit Tod Browning Freaks Model Kit  Barker Brothers  Lionel the Lion-Faced Man Model Kit Figure   Prince Randian Model Kit Tod Browning Freaks Model Kit  The Elephant Man Figure Model Kit Joseph Carey Merrick Elephant Man Model Kit    Monster Gallery Model Kits Collection Photo Gallery 1  Monster Gallery Model Kits Collection Photo Gallery 2  Monster Gallery Model Kits Collection Photo Gallery 3  Collectible Character Figures and Model Kits Monster Gallery  Collectible Monster Masks Photo Gallery  Aurora Model Kits MIB - in Box Collection  Pickled Punks Sideshow

Figure Model Kits and Monster Models from the Don Capone Monster Model Kit Collection Monster Gallery


photographed - painted and built by artist Don Capone from his private Model Kit Collection

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Figure Model Kits and Monster Models from the Don Capone Monster Model Kit Collection

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